The latest App-eLearn upgrade is here!

I'm pleased to share that our latest tool upgrade is ready for you to create your personalised digital courses! The tool has been super-enhanced by our eLearning innovation team to ensure the best user experience possible. You can now build your courses using the new pre-built templates, interactive videos and an even faster server. This means you can take your instructional design work and creating interactive eLearning content to the next level. We can't wait to hear your feedback.

If you need help or guidance with your course, our support is only a click away. You can book a time with us directly within the App-eLearn tool.


  • Great. I wish you would post more threads. I wanted to use Adapt to design some of my courses, but I was having trouble with some of the fundamentals. Best MBA dissertation Writing Help When I get some free time in November, I'll get back into App-eLearn.

  • Thanks, brookkelly. Hope it's all going well and that you get some time in November to get back into App-eLearn. If you need any technical support or guidance, let us know, we're always happy to help.

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    The latest version of the App-eLearn app is working nicely. Now i think,i can clear my upcoming IELTS exam.😎

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